Sustainability — our route to the future

Virtually no other material is as versatile as plastic. At the same time, however, plastic receives plenty of criticism. However, sustainability and plastics aren’t necessarily a contradiction in terms. When it comes to ensuring efficient use of resources and waste prevention, packaging can make an important contribution.

Good design is sustainable design: every day, our cases, tubes, and boxes are used to store all manner of objects. They must ensure that their contents arrive safely and undamaged at their destination. By doing so, they also eliminate the need for replacements to be produced and transported. At rose plastic medical packaging, we design our solutions to perfectly achieve this goal from the outset. Precisely fitting, they not only protect their contents but also impress due to their low weight — after all, lightweight packaging reduces the amount of CO2 emitted during transport.

Recycling to close the material loop

Our use of recyclable materials represents another step towards sustainability for our company. For example, we use post-consumer recyclate (PCR), which is derived from waste plastic from the “yellow sack” or deposit machines. This is then recycled and converted back into valuable new resources, which are in turn used to create our line of packaging made from recycled materials. This process is completely in line with the circular economy concept.

Packaging solutions made from PCR

Powered by plants

Packaging made from plants? Is that even possible? Yes, it actually works very well, as proven by our packaging made from Bio-HDPE. The basis for this bioplastic is sugar cane; however, the resulting products in no way differ from conventionally manufactured packaging. As an additional bonus, the Bio-HDPE we use is 100% recyclable and can be returned to the material loop together with PE produced from fossil raw materials.

Packaging solutions made from Bio-HDPE

But our focus on sustainability is not limited to our packaging solutions. For example, since 2011 we have been certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental management system and have signed up to the Bavarian Environmental Pact (Umweltpakt Bayern). We use electricity from renewable sources and operate a 350 kWp solar installation. As a result, operations at our Hergensweiler site are virtually CO2-neutral.

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