If you need to store consumables or are looking for suitable secondary packaging for diagnostic samples or test kits – our versatile tubes, cases, and boxes can cover virtually every application. 

Do you need to ensure that your product is properly packaged so it will endure even the longest transportation routes without sustaining damage? We’ve got precisely what you need! Our plastic boxes are reliable, virtually indestructible, and easy to handle. Take, for example, our tried-and-tested UniBox and ConsumerBox packaging solutions. Both are impressively versatile and designed to reliably protect your test kits from external influences. 

Explore two more options to securely protect your test kits – our BlockPack and TwistPack Plus plastic tubes. Both of these packaging solutions can be easily adapted to the length of their contents thanks to our TwistLock closure technology and a ratchet mechanism.

Our two plastic cases RoseCase ErgoLine and RoseCase ProTec are also very popular in this field. They combine impressive functionality with easy handling and appealing designs. And of course, they will also ensure that your test kits and diagnostic samples reach their destination safely.

Are you looking for additional packaging for your applications? Then check out our huge standard range or work with us to develop the perfect packaging solution for your product.