We firmly believe that good packaging should not only perfectly protect your product but also our environment. This is why we have been closely examining alternative sources of raw materials for quite some time.

One idea that we have already successfully implemented is the use of sugar cane as a renewable raw material. Sugarcane absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its growth, thus reducing the CO2 content in the air.
From now on you can get some of our blown tubes also in organic HDPE, which is made from sugar cane. Selected sizes of TwistPack Plus and BlockPack are even available from stock.

Production of Bio-HDPE binds CO2

From the outside, the packaging made of Bio-HDPE does not differ from its conventionally manufactured "twins" that are also just as robust and flexible in use. There is still one serious difference: the production of Bio-HDPE does not cause any emissions, but on the contrary binds a whole 2.15 kilograms of CO2 per kilogram of material. Another plus: the Bio-PE used is 100% recyclable and can be fed into the material cycle together with PE based on fossil raw materials.