High standards are an absolute must when it comes to packaging for medical devices. We can provide packaging that optimally protects your product while showing it in the best possible light. 

To develop perfect packaging for medical devices, one thing is essential above all – industry knowledge. And this is precisely where we come in, because we understand the unique requirements for medical devices, especially for products that come into direct contact with patients.
Medical devices encompasses various fields, such as orthopedics, which focuses on the treatment of all diseases of the musculoskeletal system. These include diseases of the spine and the extremities, such as the hand, foot, and shoulder. The devices used in this field, – pedicle screws, bone plates, bone pins, bone screws, etc. – are perfectly at home in our low-germ packaging. The same applies to endoprosthetics and joint reconstruction. Our packaging is also widely used in the fields of traumatology, sports medicine, and neurosurgery. 
Our packaging gives you the security you need. We are only satisfied when every last detail of our protective coverstubes, boxes, and cases is right in terms of functionality and safety.

We have the right packaging for every application

Whether you need to pack products related to orthopedics or neurosurgery, or are looking for the perfect packaging for your surgical instruments – you’re guaranteed to find what you need at rose plastic medical packaging.

Standard or tailor-made? We can do both ...

We stock a wide range of standard packaging. Whether protective covers, plastic tubes, boxes or cases; whether round, square or transparent, they all have one thing in common – they optimally protect your products and prevent damage. However, they also do much more than this. Our packaging also emphasizes the value of your products.

Medical technology is constantly evolving, and with it the need for sophisticated and innovative packaging solutions. We’ll be happy to assist you and work with you to develop the perfect packaging solution – for which you’ve probably been searching for some time. Talk to us – we relish a challenge!