You probably wish you could wrap your products in cotton wool. But don’t worry, this isn’t necessary – our packaging tubes are made from hard plastic to ensure unbeatable protection for your goods.

When it comes to protecting delicate medical devices, choosing suitable packaging is particularly important – but also extremely difficult. With a suitable packaging solution you can easily prevent damage or abrasion – and thus ideally prepare your products for even the longest transport routes and the harshest storage conditions.

A selection of rose plastic plastic packaging tubes.
Packaging tubes now available made from sugarcane

The choice is yours – our product range is your peace of mind

Each of our plastic packaging tubes consists of one inner and one outer part in different designs: round, square, rectangular, transparent, colored, with twist or screw closure, and with telescopic or ratchet length adjustment. Innovative details, such as anti-rolling protection are naturally included. However, we also deliver additional benefits – for example, why not reduce your procurement and storage costs by stocking up on our length-adjustable tubes?