It’s no secret that we offer a vast selection of plastic packaging. Whether for rods, wires, and K-wires or for pins and needles, we have the right protective packaging for your product. Because as diverse as your requirements are, our packaging solutions are equally varied. However, they all have one thing in common: Thanks to cleverly designed features, they protect your products from damage – and their users from painful injuries. 

Our QuadroPack TipLine plastic tube provides optimal protection for long surgical instruments and other applications. The ends of this square tube taper to a point, reducing the risk of the contents piercing through the packaging. RectangularPack TipLine meets the same requirements. Both packaging tubes allow universal use thanks to versatile length adjustment and, for example, are ideal for transporting and storing rods, guide wires, and K-wires. 

Continuous length adjustment is also guaranteed by TelePack. This is made possible by an integrated ratchet mechanism, making this versatile tube the ideal packaging solution for items of various dimensions. TelePack can be used as primary or secondary packaging.

Explore two more options with our BlockPack and TwistPack Plus plastic tubes. Both packaging solutions can be easily adapted to the length of their contents thanks to our TwistLock closure technology and a ratchet mechanism. Do you need to protect the delicate tips of your products? Then we recommend TipCover. It protects sharp tips and edges from damage – and the user from injury. 

Are you looking for the right packaging for delicate pins and pointed needles? Then look no further than our TopPack XPress plastic tube. This individual packaging allows safe handling, especially for sharp-edged tools, and can be used as primary packaging. The receptacle in the base contains diagonal clamping ridges that ensure the contents are held securely in place. MicroPack XPress also keeps a firm grip on its contents thanks to its flexible clamping device. This primary packaging is designed for micro screws from a thread diameter of 1.5 mm. However, when it comes to finding the right packaging for pins and needles, many of our customers also opt for our all-rounders: BlockPack and TwistPack Plus

Place your trust in our many years of experience and our commitment to the highest quality standards. Our packaging gives you the peace of mind that your rods, guide wires, K-wires, pins, and needles are stored safely and securely. Contact us today and let our versatile packaging solutions convince you.