Kinesiology tapes and bandages are standard equipment in the field of sports medicine. But what about suitable storage solutions for these aids? 

Our TapePack plastic box is the ideal packaging solution for your tapes. This practical individual packaging is specially designed for kinesiology tapes and includes an unwind function. Another advantage – TapePack can also be wall-mounted on a rail to save space.

Alternatively, our tried-and-tested and practical BlockPack, ScrewPack, and TwistPack Plus plastic tubes will also ensure that your kinesiology tapes are always readily available and within easy reach. We offer these products in many different sizes and designs, so you’re sure to find the right packaging for your kinesiology tapes.

Have you been fruitlessly searching for the right cover for your product? Then just give us a call – together, we’ll find the right packaging for you.