Code of Conduct rose plastic group

The company "rose plastic" operates internationally and is represented in many countries around the world. The diversity of cultures enriches our group of companies. However, it also requires a common focus on central values and defined principles of conduct.

This Code of Conduct provides a framework for ethically correct interaction both within the company and with third parties. The defined principles are minimum standards for our actions. They are based on rose plastic's values and promote our corporate mission statement. Our valued business partners also bear responsibility for integrity, as well as for social and ecological standards. They are therefore also called upon to follow and actively protect this defined code.

Together, we promote a culture that is sensitive to misconduct and allows disclosure without negative consequences. We encourage each other to seek advice and support when misconduct is experienced or recognized.

All employees, business partners and third parties are encouraged to report suspected or known violations of our Code of Conduct. This is in line with our corporate values and the error culture we live by.