Pedicle screws are frequently used in the fields of orthopedics and neurosurgery. Due to their wide range of applications, they have become an essential component in orthopedic surgery. Although pedicle screws are usually made of high-strength materials such as titanium or stainless steel, they can be damaged if handled incorrectly.

Our PedicleScrewPack plastic tube is specially designed primary packaging for pedicle screws. PedicleScrewPack combines efficient packaging with easy handling. At the same time, it guarantees safe transportation of its contents. This high-quality, sturdy individual packaging was developed in collaboration with medical technology companies and clinical specialists. It offers maximum safety and protection for products and their users.

We also recommend FixInTube® as an alternative packaging solution for your pedicle screws. This individual packaging is suitable for implant screws with heads and combines secure protection with intuitive handling. The tube’s internal shape and the closure ensure that the screw is fixed securely in place and reliably protected. Another advantage is that the contents are always visible inside the highly transparent tube.

Our experienced development department has almost completed its work on our new TubeInTube® packaging tube. This new double-sterile-barrier system has been specially developed to protect bone screws and other implants. Are you interested in our TubeInTube® packaging solution? Then just tell us what you need.