Our anniversaries: We’re celebrating twice over!

rose plastic headquarter medical packaging in Hergensweiler, Germany

70 years of rose plastic, ten years of medical packaging: This year rose plastic is celebrating two anniversaries in one. To mark the occasion, we look forward to welcoming visitors at our open day in mid-June.

Even though much has changed over the decades, one thing that has remained constant is the pioneering spirit that our founder, Ernst Rösler, instilled in his company from day one. “In the past, packaging had a narrower meaning,” says Thiemo Rösler, the third-generation CEO of rose plastic who took the reigns in 2014. These days, packaging must do far more than just protect the contents. Additional functionality and an appealing presentation of the goods are also key factors. “We effectively complete our customers’ products through our packaging.”

Second mainstay established

Since its foundation in 1953, rose plastic has grown into a globally active group of companies. Today, we employ around 800 employees worldwide. With our headquarters in Hergensweiler and plants in the USA, Brazil, China and India, as well as sales offices in France, Spain, Italy, the UK, and South Korea, our company is well positioned internationally.

rose plastic medical packaging GmbH was founded in 2013. The company develops and manufactures packaging solutions for sterile and non-sterile products in the medical technology, dental, healthcare, as well as the lab and diagnosis sectors. Production takes place in Germany and the USA – with integrated cleanroom production – in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13845. Even before the subsidiary was founded, rose plastic supplied packaging solutions to the medical technology industry. “Investing in this area and developing packaging solutions tailored to the requirements of the medical industry was a logical step in terms of building up a second mainstay within rose plastic,” confirms Bernd Gerber, managing director of rose plastic medical packaging GmbH.

Closed-loop economy: packaging made from recycled material

We take several approaches to the issue of sustainability. “We are aware that, as a plastics processing company, we have a responsibility here,” emphasizes Christian Straub, managing director of rose plastic AG. In the context of the closed-loop economy, we have increased our use of recycled raw materials. In addition, for a long time now we have been using monoplastics to manufacture our products because they are easier to recycle than composites. “We also produce our packaging locally, precisely where it is needed – thereby avoiding CO2 emissions due to long transport routes,” says Straub.

What’s the secret to survival in the market for seven decades? “Our success is based on our motivated employees,” emphasizes Thiemo Rösler. Their dedication and loyalty have made the company’s success possible, he adds. rose plastic places a particular emphasis on training and further education. “We have been training young people here at our headquarters in Hergensweiler for decades and developing the skills they need for their tasks,” says Straub. An approach, he says, that over time has given rise to broad and appealing job profiles for skilled workers.

Our celebrations for our two anniversaries will include an open house on Saturday, June 17, 2023, from 11 am to 4 pm (last admission 2 pm) at our headquarters in Hergensweiler.

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