YoungTeam organizes stem cell donor registration day in cooperation with DKMS

70 rose plastic employees have registered as potential stem cell donors for blood cancer patients. The campaign was carried out by the company's trainees and DHBW students in cooperation with the German Bone Marrow Registry (DKMS).

Every 15 minutes, a patient in Germany is diagnosed with blood cancer. What this diagnosis means, Franziska Heilig in the circle of friends experienced. Franzi, as they all call her at rose plastic, is currently doing her dual studies in business administration at rose plastic's headquarters in Hergensweiler, southern Germany. When the father of a friend fell ill at a blood cancer preliminary stage and survived only owing to a stem cell donation, it was clear for the 21 year-old student that she’d like to support the work of the DKMS energetically.

Registration action as annual goal of the YoungTeam
The work of the YoungTeam, in which the DHBW students and apprentices of rose plastic are organized within the company, was the ideal platform for Franzi’s goal. The YoungTeam regularly sets certain annual goals, which are implemented in the course of the year. Franzis colleagues in the YoungTeam were also immediately enthusiastic – and together they were able to win the management over to their plan.

Great response from the workforce
Under the motto "Open your mouth. Put the stick in. Donate!", the trainees launched their first internal campaigns at the beginning of 2018. At the beginning of November 2018 the time had finally come: rose plastic's staff had three hours to register as stem cell donors by smearing the cheek mucosa. Thanks to careful preparation, the registration process went smoothly. 70 employees took part in the campaign - more than twice as many as the DKMS had forecast based on its many years of experience, as Franziska Heilig emphasizes.

Registration during working hours
The management of rose plastic also supported the project. Thus, all employees were able to participate in the registration campaign during their regular working hours. "We liked the idea right from the start and so it was a matter of course to actively support the registration campaign of our YoungTeam", says Christian Straub, Commercial Director at rose plastic. (fv)

About DKMS
Fast forward 27 years and today DKMS is an international non-profit organization with offices in the UK (opened 2013), Chile (2018), Poland (2009), the United States (2004) and Germany (1991). We have more than 8 million potential donors registered within the DKMS family and have given more than 69,000 second chances of life to people diagnosed with blood cancer. Our worldwide search for new donors continues though as many people are still not able to find the matching donor they need. More on