ConsumerBox, the clean protective packaging for your face mask

We know that there are many companies and businesses that are currently working flat out on the production of face masks. This is because they are in enormous need and demand in view of the corona pandemic. For some companies, however, this also raises the question of suitable packaging. Of course, the masks can simply be put into plastic bags. But how about packaging that offers more instead? A protection for the face mask?

Hygienic and safe protective packaging

Our ConsumerBox is perfectly suited for this. How do we know that? It's simple. From our own experience. Because our company gives away self-sewn face masks to every employee worldwide. And so the question also arose for us as to which of our packaging would be the best way to present and hand over the face masks. Our choice quickly fell on our ConsumerBox. After all, as a manufacturer we know the advantages and properties of our products best.

What convinced us above all was the added value of the ConsumerBox. It is made of plastic and can therefore be easily cleaned and disinfected after use. The box not only keeps the face mask clean and hygienic at home, but is also safely packed when travelling. After all, the face mask should not simply be placed loosely in a handbag or jacket pocket. It is also important to store the mask after use so that it does not come into contact with other objects until it is cleaned.

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Optimal and versatile storage box

For us, the ConsumerBox was the ideal packaging solution to give the face mask to our employees as a gift. So we had the idea to present and offer the box to other companies. For example companies who - like us - want to equip their employees with face masks. Or businesses that are looking for a useful packaging for their masks. Transport companies who want to hand out the face masks to their employees, customers or passengers. But our packaging solution is also of interest to health care facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes or mobile nursing services. Because even the best face mask only protects as well as it is protected itself.

Available in several sizes

Our ConsumerBox is the perfect transport and storage box for face masks. The box is available in different sizes. The smallest one is ideal for up to two smaller masks, such as those intended for children. The other two sizes of the ConsumerBox can hold up to two or ten face masks.

 Article  Inner length  Inner width  Inner height
 CB 115x85x26/1  111mm  78mm  26mm
 CB 138x102x30/1  134mm  95mm  30mm
 CB 180x145x45/1  173mm  135mm  45mm

The capacity of all three boxes depends on the size and design of the facemask.

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