Do you need packaging for sharp-edged or pointed products? Do your products often penetrate through the packaging? We can help you! Our range of useful and well-designed accessories provide increased protection for your products.

Naturally, our packaging tubes and boxes meet the highest standards – however, you can boost their performance further still with the right accessories. Suitable foam inserts and our TipCover transparent tip guard are a great way to optimize your chosen packaging solution.

Convenient protection for delicate tips and cutting tools

TipCover protects the delicate cutting edges of surgical instruments such as scissors, forceps, scalpels and knives from damage and contamination. Our patented tip guard also fits on bone nails and bone chisels, curettes as well as bars and rods. In addition, it prevents penetration through the packaging and reduces the risk of injury when removing the contents.

Its use is self-explanatory and intuitive – the elliptical internal geometry allows easy mounting on sharp or pointed edges. TipCover can be used as both primary and secondary packaging, and is suitable for sterile and non-sterile applications.

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