Bone plates are classified as trauma implants in the field of medical technology. The right packaging is just as important as the meticulous production of the plates themselves. Unsuitable packaging may quickly result in damage to the plates during transport and storage. And this can soon get very expensive!

A crucial advantage of plastic packaging is its ability to protects its contents against damage. It serves as a robust and impact-resistant barrier that protects bone plates from external influences, which might otherwise cause dents, scratches, or even fractures. 

For example, our RectangularPack is a proven packaging solution for plating systems. With length adjustment via a stepless ratchet mechanism, this rectangular two-part tube can accommodate bone plates of various dimensions. The packaging is easy to handle, stackable, space-saving, and will get your products safely from A to B.

Our UniBox is also ideal for transporting and storing plating systems. Whether square or rectangular, large or small – this plastic box can accommodate them all. The push and hinge closure ensures that nothing can fall out, keeping the contents securely stored. 

TipCover is also a popular choice when it comes to protecting plating systems. It prevents damage to delicate edges and tips – both during transportation and storage. 

In summary, our plastic packaging tubes and boxes are the perfect solution for the safe storage and transportation of plating systems for use in orthopedics and neurosurgery. We apply our know-how and experience in the field of medical technology to ensure that both surgical instruments and their users are optimally protected. Our plastic packaging also impresses with its ergonomic design. This guarantees easy opening and closing, ensuring that the chosen solution is intuitive to use. Contact us today and discover how our packaging solutions can meet your specific requirements.